Can't be your local area on race day  or are you already committed to running another event? No problem! You can still run for your case through our virtual run event.




Athletes register for their local event virtual run.  A pre-designated amount of the registration fee will go to the cause of YOUR choosing, the remainder will cover the expense of shipping & processing, and includes your shirt, medal and bib.  We also have a fundraising/donation collection page option for you, and 100% of those donations will be sent to your cause, we will not charge any processing fee for those. (our registration company does, but we make up the difference)



Athletes who register by the designated deadline (different for each community), will have their official race packet sent out via regular mail one week prior to the event. Entrants who register after that date will have a bib number sent via mail. PLEASE wear your bib number while you complete your virtual run and take photos to share with us.



Athletes must run or walk any distance on any course of your choosing from the date of the local race up until three weeks post race.  AND, if you have to ‘mill it in the gym, we are totally fine with that too! This time period is rather extensive for several reasons: 1) many of our virtual athletes live in areas where weather can create obstacles too severe to run safely; 2) athletes participating in other races can wear their Cause + Event bib AND their other race bib and we are happy to have that count as well.



Please share your results, experience and photos at our Facebook event page.  As this virtual run is completely on the honor system, you are NOT required to submit your results, however we LOVE reading your stories of triumph.



Virtual Run registration closes three days prior to each race event date and are capped at 250 registrations.


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